Would You Like Fries With That?

By Bill Moore | In Bills Blog, Blog | on June 28, 2013

The other day I was on Facebook wondering if indeed it really was Jennifer Anniston that was sending me Farmville request, I mean after all, I am not going to get sucked in to playing Farmville with an imposter! Yeah, the picture on the profile was Jennifer’s, there were Youtube videos from her days on Friends, as well as a variety of clips from movies she has been in. On top of all that there was a post that said, “Brad Pitt is hung like a chipmunk”, that post alone made it seem pretty legit. Plus, just as I would expect; if someone like Jennifer Anniston had a personal Facebook account, she wouldn’t have a very long list of friends; however, I will have to admit that the other eight guys on her friends list seemed kind of creepy. Still, before I waste half of my day playing a virtual game, I want to know if the person on the other end is really who they say they are, or else I’m just virtually wasting my time!

So as I was waiting for her reply back to my message asking if she was “THE REAL” Jennifer Anniston I decided to check out my “Newsfeed”. Of course there were thousands of cat pictures and post about “my baby’s daddy” as well as 1,000 different uses for vinegar. However, the post that caught my eye concerned obesity in America; it stated, “Why there is obesity in America”. Below the statement there were two pictures; one of a hamburger with the price tag of one dollar and another picture of a salad with a price tag of six dollars. The picture troubled me for a number of reasons; for one, most salads at the local fast food joint run about four dollars, so the six dollar salad claim is misleading.  The biggest reason I got upset over the picture and momentarily forgot all about playing Farmville with Jen (she told me her friends call her Jen), was the fact that the picture is a complete lie!

Americans are not obese because Burger McHut is offering the McCrapper for a dollar, Americans are obese because of laziness and poor health choices! I know for a fact that you can get a six inch Veggie Sub and an Ice Tea at Subway for four dollars, if you add fries and a coke to the Deluxe Chem Burger you are going to wind up paying close to four dollars anyway! Why not throw in the extra buck, drink water and get the salad? Or better yet, maybe prepare your meals at home and not only eat healthy but save money in the process! You heard me right; prepare your meals at home and save money in the process!

The fact of the matter is most people spend on average of six dollars when they purchase a meal from a fast food joint; however, for the sake of this experiment lets reduce that number to four bucks! If a person takes time, before the work week, to prepare their meals in advance, not only would they eat healthier, they would save some cash.

A two pound bag of Tilapia runs about six dollars, a loaf of sprouted grain bread about four dollars and fifty cents, a box of decent crackers three dollars and a bag of carrots runs about a dollar fifty a pound. Since you can purchase 48 family size tea bags for less than three dollars a box and it takes four bags to make a gallon of tea, I am going to guesstimate thirty three cents for a gallon of tea. So at quart a day we stand around eight cents for a beverage. So a person can spend around fifteen dollars and fifty cents for meals during the week by preparing the meal at home. It would take about an hour of your time and I do not know of many Americans who don’t have an hour to spare each week. After all there are only nine of us eligible to play Farmville with Jen, which means the other 319,999,991 of you in America should have no problem finding that extra hour to prepare your food for the week. Considering four bucks a pop for each lunch at the local Barney’s Burger Emporium you’ll spend twenty bucks a week. Preparing your own meals at home comes out to fifteen dollars and some change, now if you need a little something sweet with that, adding five bananas run about two bucks, bringing our total to seventeen dollars and fifty cents a week. Not to mention that you can actually get two weeks out of one loaf of sprouted grain bread so with that we can deduct another two dollars and twenty-five cents off of our weekly total, which brings us to fifteen dollars and twenty-five cents a week to enjoy healthier lunches!

Maybe you don’t like Tilapia, then buy chicken or a pound and a half of ground sirloin, the cost will be the same, possible a bit more; however, you will be eating healthier and be more productive throughout the rest of the day!

Now if we really want to start comparing “apples to apples” let’s take a moment to figure in the fuel that it takes to travel from our place of employment to down Barfy’s Burger Bin. Not to mention travel time and the time spent standing in line behind the 90 year old lady who smells like tobacco and moth balls waiting to get her twentieth coffee refill: “Can I get a different cup honey, the rim on this one is worn away, and can you make sure the coffee is fresh, plus the last batch of half & half was warm, do you have any cold ones in the back”?
You see, most of what Burger Hut has to offer on their “Value Menu” is made with cheap fillers and over sixty percent of that burger is made up of white bread, you may as well be eating cardboard! It would be the equivalent of mixing 33% water into the fuel you use to fill your vehicle! Yeah, you’ll save money at the tank but you won’t get as far and in the future you’re going to pay the mechanic dearly! Those empty calories taste great and they trick the body into feeling full for a while; nevertheless, your production and health will suffer in the long run. You can actually manipulate your body into eating less by eating healthier, the body is just like anything else, quality will go farther than quantity. If you give your body quality filled calories you will not need to eat as much as when you gave your body empty calories. Broccoli will produce more energy than French Fries, plus it will allow your body to function better at a cellular level, which in turn keeps you healthy! Yes, the old adage is true; an apple a day will keep the doctor away, as long as you aren’t consuming additional empty calories along with that apple!

That leads us into the BIG SAVINGS: Healthcare! Say you did spend an extra twenty dollars a week by eating healthier, which comes out to about 1,040.00 more a year on groceries. Even with the best insurance coverage available, the average out of pocket cost for cancer treatment is about 20,000.00 per year! Say cancer isn’t your thing and you would rather join Fred Sanford in having the big one. Let’s say they were able to keep you from becoming worm food and pried you open for an octuplet bypass surgery, you would still be shelling out roughly 8,000.00. “Sorry honey but since daddy loved shoveling down “Double Cheese Artery Chokers” we won’t be able to send you to U of M, but I did hear that the Dale Earnhardt Community College has a great “oil change technician” program.”  Some of you might be laughing a bit; however, this type of scenario has played out in American households due to unexpected medical expenses that could have been avoided had people made healthier choices! How would you like to be the parent that had to break that type of news to a child? Knowing in the back of your mind that if you had been more proactive with your health you wouldn’t have to be in such an embarrassing heartbreaking predicament!

The dollar burger really isn’t a value, nutrient dense foods are! That salad will take you farther in life without high maintenance cost along the way. The more dense the nutrient, the less volume of food your body will need! Your body functions on nutrients, not empty calories that get wasted and turn to fat! Those empty calories become garbage in the body and that garbage becomes a breading place for disease! I for one was so happy when pet food manufactures started producing nutrient dense pet foods a few years back. My dogs ate less because they received more nutrients from the food they ate, they had more energy and I spent less money at the vet. Those weren’t the only advantages, the Yard Muffins that they left behind were considerably smaller and shall we say; less fragrant!

The human body needs and runs more efficiently on nutrient dense food, so invest a little more time and money now and receive a larger return on investment later. America isn’t obese because healthy food is more expensive, Americans throw away money on gratuitous items at the rate Paula Deen goes through vats of butter!! America is obese because Americans are impulsive and apathetic! Each generation adopts its bad habits from the previous generation. We need to start making more informed decisions and teach our children about the consequences of unhealthy decisions! The next time your child wants Krap Mac & Cheese for lunch, sit down with them and explain the benefits of the Apples, Bananas and Almonds you are about to serve them instead. Furthermore get this: that apple, banana and four ounces of almonds won’t cost but maybe a few pennies more than the Mac & Cheese!

Choice is always the reason behind whether or not someone is healthy or unhealthy, not money! Well, I guess it is time to play Farmville, I finally got the reply that I have been waiting for: “of course it is me silly!”

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