Sixth Gear?

By Lisa Jones | In Blog | on September 10, 2013

We all experience good times and bad times. We have glorious shining successes and devastating failures. Life is certainly more enjoyable when riding the waves of success and achievements. Everything in life is temporary, when things are going well enjoy it because it will inevitably change.


Life ebbs and flows.  It must. It is seemingly impossible to be “on” all of the time. Believe me, I have made a life of trying in one fashion or another to be “on” and infallable. Education, career, training, I have given my all to everything I do. In fact, a good friend told me just today that I am the most “intense” person she has ever met. That is how I am built. I am a type “triple A” as my physical therapist enjoys calling me.  


This is where I have struggled.  It is a constant battle for me, to give myself permission to ease off the gas and allow myself to regenerate a little.  What I am discovering is a little thing called balance! We hear that word used often, especially as it relates to competitive athletes. It is something that we clearly all struggle with.  

There is however, a grey area. It is not all black and white! All or nothing, on or off.  This is where life, real life begins. That is not to say that complacency is a place to exist or reside but a rest stop, a place to refuel and prepare for the next leg of the journey.  


If you find yourself in a peculiar place, a plateau, or are just feeling a lack of direction, just hang tight! Give the next phase an opportunity to present itself while you are being still. Don’t let go or give up.  The “next thing” will reveal itself, we just have to slow down long enough to let it surface. 



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