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My name is George Taylor.  I am 32 years old and have been fairly active my entire life.  I graduated high school at 6’1″ and slightly over 200lbs.  Throughout college, I lifted weights, ran, participated in many sports, and of course ate terrible and drank a lot of beer!!  Needless to say, it started catching up with me eventually.  I married my wife while I was a junior in college and like most married people, I became a little too comfortable with myself.  I packed on the pounds eating all of my wives great food!

We have two children and have really relaxed on nutrition and exercise as life have begun to revolve more and more around our children.  Our boy is 6 years old and is active in football, baseball, soccer, amongst many other children’s activities.  Our daughter is 3 years old and just starting to become active in dance and gymnastics.  As you can see, as soon as we are off of work, we are taking the kids to various different practices and games.

I wake up each morning and take both of our kids to school by 6:00AM.  I drive to work and rarely arrive back at hope before 8:00PM.

About Me

I am a full time teacher and coach in Texas.  I drive 45 minutes one-way each day in order to do what I love . . . coach and motivate kids.  I have access to the weight room, track, basketball gym, and other athletic arenas at our high school and have recently began to utilize them.

In December, I tipped the scales at 357 lbs.  It is the heaviest I have ever been.  Again, I started to become really comfortable with life.  I have two healthy children, a beautiful wife that loves me, and have climbed the career ladder nearly to the top.  As a New Years resolution, my wife and I decided to get a hold of our health and weight.  We began eating better, exercising on a consistent basis, and motivating each other in our journey.

I have whittled my weight down to 330lbs currently and lowered my body fat percentage using a program that I developed for myself.  I am feeling better about myself and get a lot of compliments on my progress but I feel that I have so much more potential.

I find myself constantly finding new material on the internet concerning cardio, strength, fat loss, and health but the information is all so conflicting.  There are times that I feel my program is right on cue to accomplish my goals and other times that I feel that my program is way off and I will never get to where I want to be.

I have contacted nutritionists in my area and the prices for their services are nearly outrageous.  I am really confused by nutrition and exercise but can’t seem to find the clear-cut program that is best for me!

What Are my Goals:
I want to not only look great but I want to feel great, be more athletic, get stronger, and be more confident in my abilities.  As I coach high school kids, I know that I can be a greater inspiration if I can BE THE EXAMPLE.  If I tell them to run bleachers . . . I want to be able to get in and run with them.  I want to inspire kids to take control of their lives NOW and be who they want to be.

I really think that I have great potential and can be the “project” that Dog Eat Dog Fitness needs.  I would like to become engaged in YOUR program.  Your nutritional advice, workouts, cardio plans .. . . everything.  I want to be the TOP DOG!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I am seeking help and hope that I have come to the right place.


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